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I always hold that packaging is a dumb salesman, customers will make a quick decision about whether to buy your product or not the moment look at the packaging. The great product packaging not only just can protect your items from moisture, dust, or sunblock, it’s also vital to improve your brand image and attract your customers to buy your goods again and again.
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Shie’s Main Packaging Products

Almost everything related to creative packaging product you can find in Shie, from the corrugated boxes, corrugated sheets, cardboard boxes, cardboard tubes, to bubble wraps, packing foams, clear bags, no matter what color, size, materials of this shipping packaging, Shie’s large standard stock and customized service will definitely make you find your favorite.

1. Kinds of High Quality Boxes for Sale

Kinds of the box are the common usage packaging products in our daily life, almost everything you can find a suitable box for it, not only play an important role of protection but also level up this item, sometimes, also have a decorate effect for our home.
gaylord container company

Gaylords Containers for Sale

As one of the practical boxes, gaylord container is mainly designed for shipping or moving large or bulk products, which ...
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shie pink mailer boxes

Mailer Boxes for Sale

As one of the common packaging boxes for sale, mailer boxes wholesale have a very wide application in the market, ...
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corrugated totes

Cardboard totes for sale

At the mention of cardboard totes, the first thing that comes to my mind is the huge convenience it brought ...
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ups shipping tubes

Mailing tubes for sale

Thanks to the rapid development of industrial society, just like box sales near me the demand for mailing tubes is ...
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shie boxes for sale

Kinds of First Class Boxes for Sale

Welcome to box world, kinds of sizes, colors, and materials boxes for sale near me make our life so convenient ...
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shie corrugated trays for followers

Corrugated Trays for Sale

Using paper pulp and paper cardboard as main materials, the corrugated trays are a combination of high-strength corrugated, honeycomb paper ...
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mirror moving box

Mirror box for sale

As we all know, the mirror is fragile because of the glass in it, how to packaging the mirror safe ...
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double walled boxes near me

Double wall box for sale

Sometimes, for stocking, moving, or shipping heavy-duty items, such as furniture, automotive component, or sporting goods, in order to the ...
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stock triple wall boxes

Triple walled box for sale

Compared with double wall boxes and single wall boxes, triple wall boxes can afford heavier items, such as small motors, ...
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cardboard boxes small parcel size

Small cardboard box for sale

It’s so important to choose the right small cardboard boxes for your kinds of products, for example, gifts, jewelry, food ...
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paper sheets

Cardboard sheets for sale

Though these cardboard sheets are small, inside the university asked. Usually, cardboard sheets near me are used for fragile products, ...
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corrugated box price

Corrugated box for sale

Also called as paper box, mainly made by fluting paper, corrugated boxes near me are necessary to storing, packing, moving ...
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gaylord boxes near me

Gaylord box for sale

Also called corrugated boxes, extra-large cardboard boxes, pallet containers, bulk boxes, pallet boxes, bulk bins, and so on, these gaylord ...
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large cardboard

Large cardboard box for sale

Widely used for many industries, extra-large cardboard boxes can be divided into many types, such as corrugated cardboard boxes for ...
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cardboard chapstick tubes

Cardboard tube for sale

Differ from boxes and sheets, cardboard tube packaging can protect your products to the utmost extent. Made of by kinds ...
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Rely on about 40 years of experience, Shie offers you 50+ sorts of boxes wholesale, for example, different sizes of corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes, double wall boxes, triple wall boxes, also aimed at different dimensions, we have large cardboard boxes and small cardboard boxes. For various products, Shie offers mirror boxes for diverse mirrors, and gaylord boxes, and Gaylord containers for large and heavy-duty contents. If don’t need the whole boxes, you can also choose our semi-finished products, and assembled them yourself, which not only can get what you want but also save your budget, which includes cardboard sheets, cardboard tubes, lots of mailing tubes, cardboard totes, and corrugated trays.
Anything you want to know, just send us your information now, and you will get your reply as soon as possible.

2. Sorts of Packaging Bags You Want

Mainly aimed at the design and production of biodegradable bags, Shie research sorts of eco-friendly packaging bags for sale among all industries, no matter for our daily life, such as clothes, jewelry, cellphone, cups, food, and other small items, or for industrial, like household appliance industry or electron industry, you can always find your satisfied packaging bags on Shie. Based on a professional R & D team and thoughtful after-sale service, Shie wins so high reputation among thousands of our customers from about 80 countries. In a word, Shie will be your smart choice for kinds of packaging bags wholesale.
In order to provide your satisfied bags for sale, Shie worked out a standard production process, as well as a strict inspection system, we will make sure every bag meets the principle of FDA and international standards. Besides, Shie’s packaging bags also hold these features as follows.
air bubble bags for packing

Bubble wrap bags for sale

So many kinds of bubble wrap bags have provided great convenience to our life, not only can protect our goods ...
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resealable plastic bags for clothes

Resealable plastic bags for sale

As one of the popular bags, resealable plastic bags will help us a lot. For example, put your clothes, shoes ...
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shrink bags near me

Polyolefin Shrink Bags for Sale

As one of the popular heat polyolefin shrink bags, almost everything no matter regular or irregular products can be packaged ...
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cute packaging bags for clothes

Packaging bags for sale

As one of the popular external expression forms of goods, personalized packaging bags are widely used in our daily life ...
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buy zippable plastic bags

Zippable plastic bags for sale

How to keep your food fresh for a long time, how to keep things in order? Then you should try ...
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resealable packaging bags

Clear bags for sale

Little things have a big purpose, which is a clear bag. Different designs cater for various products, keeping your food ...
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resealable bags near me

Resealable bags for sale

Made of thin and flammable plastic, resealable packaging bags are the main choice of the packaging industry, which are commonly ...
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1.According to the requirements of the contents, the function of the packaging bag will meet sorts of needs, such as sealing, barrier, firmness, cooking, freezing, and so on.
2.Highlight the novelty, Shie’s first-class packaging bags for sale can improve the attractiveness and attention of goods, no matter from the bag type, printing design, or bag accessories (lifting ring hook zipper, etc.) they can all reflect the uniqueness.
3.Prominent convenience. These excellent packaging bags hold a wide range of packaging, which can adapt to the diversified packaging requirements of commodities, such as vertical bags, from liquid, solid, semi-solid and even gas goods can be packed, a very wide range of applications and eight side sealing bag, all dry solid goods including food fruit seeds can also be used.
4.Try to maximize the advantages of all kinds of bags by integrating the advantages of each bag, for example, the design of vertical profile-shaped bevel pipe bag can synthesize the advantages of various bag-shaped bags such as upright profile-shaped bevel pipe bags.
5.Cost-saving and environment friendly, which can is saving resources as soon as possible.

3. Other Packaging Materials You Want on Shie

Besides hundreds of packaging bags and boxes, Shie also offers you other packaging products, such as kinds of bubble wraps to confirm your content, or sorts of packing foam sheets to add double protection for your products, look continue for more and detailed information.

pe foam sheets

Polyethylene Foam for Sale

polyethylene foam Pearl cotton is a new type of packing material for express delivery, which is composed of numerous independent ...
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black foam sheets for crafts

Foam sheets for sale

Accompanied by more widely used, foam sheets getting a lot of attention these years. There are so many kinds of ...
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shrink wraps supplier

Bulk Shrink Wrap in Shie Now

As an experienced shrink wrap lover, I always hold that shrink wrap is the most versatile packaging material, almost in ...
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movable stretach wraps

Stretch wrap for sale

In line with international environmental health standards, stretch wraps hold high tensile strength, tear strength, and good self-adhesive, which is ...
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thin bubble wrap

All Kinds of Great Bubble Wrap In Stock

Get A Free Quote Mainly made by high-pressure polyethylene, under the helping of whitening agent and anti-block, squeezed at 230 ...
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packaging foam types

Packing foam for sale

Just as its name showed, packing foam mainly refers to the package made by foam. Though there are various kinds ...
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Where can I buy cheap packaging supplies?

As the top 1 packaging supplier created in 1989, Shie is fully capable of providing you with every wholesale packaging product you want. Compared to other bulk packaging companies, Shie holds these irreplaceable features.
1.Rich Experience Offers You Best and High-Performance Cost Products
As we all know, Shie’s been developed for more than 40 years, during these years, we innovate technology, expand our factory and open staff training, so far, we own more than 400 employees in our 2 factories, and includes 40 professional products packaging experts. No matter what you want, how many of them, we can provide you these retail products packaging with the highest quality and competitive price on time. What’s more, our expert team also can offer you the most professional packaging program for small businesses as soon as possible.
2.1000 Reliable and Long Time Supplier Ensure You Competitive Price
Due to these loyal customers around the world and stable material suppliers, Shie runs our business smoothly and gets lots of raw materials at a low cost, that’s why we can save your budget to the maximum extent.
3.Great Parcel Packaging and Fast Shipping
In Shie, you never should worry about your unique packaging parcels, usually, we will pack them no less than 3 layers to ensure their great state, at the same time, we pick up the most suitable logistics provider to make sure you will receive them fast.
4.Thoughtful 24/7 Customer Service Solve All Your Questions
Owns more than 30 people, our professional customer service team is always here to solve all your problem either before and after-sale, we will offer you detailed information and perfect suggestion for your product packaging.

Is product Packaging Recyclable?

Yes. All Shie’s product packagings are recyclable and biodegradable. These years, we spend a lot of manpower and financial resources to develop a new environment PE, which is made by a single material and can be 100% recycled. This new PE material is a real transformation of waste into treasure and also has less pollution to the environment, which is the green packaging materials in a real sense. And all Shie’s custom product packagings are made by the PE materials that can be widely used on food, daily life, and medical product. Therefore, after consumers buy this type of product, even if they are thrown away everywhere, these green product new packaging can also recycle 100%.

Why Product Packaging is Important

shie product packaging excellent design
shie product packaging excellent design

Just as we mentioned above, great product express packaging also can be called a powerful marketing tool for the enterprise, it can affect customers and your sales, excellent design branded packaging can create endless value for your brand and consumers. The main effect of product protective packaging is as follows.
1.Protect your items during storage and transportation
As the basic function of product packaging, offering convenience for moving and shipping is necessary, it should have the ability to prevent your goods from moisture, water, dust, pollution, broken, and deformation. At the same time, clever total packaging design can also increase freight load and reduce transportation costs.
2.Grab Customers’ Eyeball
Good business packaging will reflect your products’ characteristics and give consumers favorable impressions that differ from the products, thus forming a part of brand recognition, which plays an important role in promoting the formation of your brand. Furthermore, customers are also willing to pay more money for the extra convenience, appearance, and reputation brought by packaging.
Great product packagings make our life colorful and wonderful, because of this, we need to pay more attention to them.

Shie Packaging Company Case

shie factory
shie factory

shie packaging products run
shie packaging products run

Professional Product Packaging Company-Shie

As a professional packaging company, Shie owns almost 40 years of experience, established in 1989, major in all kinds of smart packaging materials, such as flexible packaging boxes, sheets, pouches, tubes, Shie set primary packaging design, planning, printing production as one of the general tax enterprise, which mainly includes corrugated boxes packaging, quality packing box, cardboard box packaging, bubble wrap packing materials, packing foam products, and so on, offering a series of excellent design for kinds of food, cosmetics, gifts, tea, health care product, mechanical products as well as electronic products.
After several years’ research and hard wording, Shie established a set of perfect quality control management mechanisms and after-sales service systems, at the same time, we gradually automating production lines, establish quality supervision mechanism and employee incentive system, strengthen customer pre-sales guidance and after-sales service, which enhance customer brand value, and provide customers with packaging express value far beyond the price to the maximum extent. During these years’ development, Shie has established stable and long-term relationships with more than 1000 suppliers and serviced thousands of customers from almost 80 countries and regions, and we also win a high reputation among them.
Shie always adhere to the principle of “product is the integrity of the life”, and solve all problem for our customers as soon as possible. In our future development, we will pay more attention to customer experience, and pursuit the high cost-effective of all Shie’s packaging products, providing customers with higher quality products and better service, as well as building a successful stage in life, to make big contributions to the society.

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    shie packaging company brand development
    shie packaging company brand development