Kinds of First Class Boxes for Sale

Welcome to box world, kinds of sizes, colors, and materials boxes for sale near me make our life so convenient and neat. As the most common and necessary products, removal boxes for sale can not only protect our products during shipping and moving, but also decorate our brand, as well as play an important role to promote our brand, on the other hand, cool and great packaging boxes design will help you attract more customers attention and level up your brand’s image. Without a doubt, amazon boxes are so important in our life, then what kind of empty boxes for sale should you choose? Where to choose these high-quality boxes? Read continue, and you will find all you needed.
shie customized box
shie moving boxes
shie customized boxes
shie shippin boxes
Established in 1989, Shie owns almost 40 years of box production experience, during these years growing, Shie has 400 employees in 2 factories, so we can offer you kinds of first-class pie boxes for sale made by cardboard, corrugated or plastic. For special demands, we also provide you with customized service, Shie always is your first choice for sorts of shipping boxes for sale.

2 Main Shie’s Boxes for Sale

In our daily life, we will see so many kinds of plain boxes for sale with different colors and sizes, for clothes, food, jewelry, books, electronics, and so on, it’s not an exaggeration to say, almost everything can be put on a parcel box. Aimed at diverse empty boxes for sale near me, how can we choose the right refrigerator boxes for sale? Maybe you will find your answer during these 5 types of boxes of Shie.

1.Corrugated boxes for sale

Due to large bearing weight and low cost, the corrugated moving box is the most widely used option for many logistic and small business. Commonly, there are 2 kinds of corrugated shipping boxes, the printing small corrugated boxes and the kraft corrugated box for sale, and from different shapes, we can be divided into a carton box, common corrugated boxes, and Gaylord boxes. They are various according to your demands.
Aimed at different items, Shie’s corrugated moving boxes for sale near me are classes into single wall boxes, double wall boxes, triple wall boxes, and even five wall or more layers, they are made by surface paper, inner paper, and flutes, generally speaking, the more layers corrugated packing boxes own, the more bearing weight it can afford. Under normal conditions, we select these 250g coated duplex boards with grey back as surface paper, because this kind of paper holds high ink absorbency and great flexibility. And the flute papers commonly are 90g to 150g, usually, we can adopt the A,4,5,6 flutes on the double wall and triple wall corrugated packing boxes for sale, as well as great for gaylord containers, which enjoy good firmness and are waterproof. For inner paper, due to high bursting strength, the kraft papers are better, the kraft papers are grouped into A, B, C three levels.
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If you just need to ship or moving small items, then single wall corrugated mailing boxes can meet your demands easily, as well as mirror box for special shape items, however, if choose them for heavy-duty items or industrial industry, then double wall and cheap triple wall corrugated boxes will be your best choice, any confuse on to choose your cheap boxes for sale? You can send us your information and our professional experts are very happy to solve them for you.

2.Cardboard box for sale

Want to find the practicable large cardboard box for sale? These 3 factors you have to consider, the cardboard packing boxes you choose should hold certain hardness and can resist to fall and pressure. The most common feature that you can judge is whether it uses KK materials or not, Shie’s KK rigid cardboard moving boxes have passed the stress test, they can withstand falls and stress even in harsh conditions, which can avoid product’s damage during shipping, and reduce the high moving costs.
There are other points we also pay attention to when choosing a cardboard box for sale. First, the different layers of cardboard boxes hold, the larger of crushing resistance. Second, the layers of cheap cardboard gaylord boxes are 3, 5, and 7, the 3 layers and 5 layers of large cardboard boxes are widely used in our daily life. Besides, shipping cardboard boxes’ craft is also important, the edge cut by imported beer machine is neat and beautiful, while the use of slotting machine cutting will have some rough edges, however, these cardboard boxes made by slotting machine don’t affect the use at all.
In addition to these sorts of boxes for sale, Shie also provides you other excellent corrugated or cardboard materials that you can cut or assemble the boxes or other products you want, such as cardboard totes, cardboard sheets, mailing tubes, cardboard tubes and corrugated trays for sale.
shie cutomized small boxes for sale
shie cutomized small boxes for sale
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Detail Information of Boxes

If you want to know clearly that if the packing boxes you choose can resist pressure or not, you should know the all materials, which include the paper, flutes, layers, the nailing methods, and shadow surface display, as well as size.
1.What’s the paper capacitor of boxes?
Just as the name showed, the paper capacitor of moving small cardboard boxes for sale basically means its materials, thickness, old and new, and the grammage,
Divided by materials, 3 of the most common papers are kraft paper, cardboard paper, and chipboard paper. We can see it clearly by the color, kraft paper holds the most natural color, and cardboard paper is a little yellow, while chipboard papers are grey-white color, they are still a little rough.
shie all kinds of paper materials
shie all kinds of paper materials
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The other method that you can distinguish these different papers is through their hardness, rich in fiber, kraft papers enjoy the best toughness, hardness, and stiffness, and because of mixed with old kraft papers, and with the least fiber composition, cardboard papers own the general quality. As the layer of paper in the middle of the carton is corrugated, tea board paper is soft. The easiest way to identify the hardness is to pinch the branches with your fingernails. The easier it is to crack, the worse the paper.
Third, it’s also easy to tell by weight, due to the sufficient materials, per square meter kraft paper is much heavier than tea board. According to the comparison, for a No.12 mailing cardboard box, kraft paper is greater than 45 grams, while chipboard paper is less than 35 grams.
However, consider the material and price factors, chipboard papers have the biggest advantages for kinds of cardboard boxes.
There are also other sorting techniques. According to the paperweight points (refer to the eastern city points)K paper, base weight 200g; A paper, base weight 160g; B paper, base the eight 120g; W paper (white), base weight 125g.
So if you want to know clear about your cardboard corrugated boxes’ quality, you can test the materials of your boxes, and then you will get more. Also, have questions about the choice of cardboard boxes? Send it to us now, our thoughtful customer service and professional experts are here to solve all your problems right away.
2. 4 Main Corrugated Flutes
Even if they using the same quality surface paper and lining papers, due to the difference of flutes, the performance of the corrugated removal boxes is also different. At present, there are 4 kinds of corrugated forms commonly used in the world, they are A flutes, C flutes, B flutes, and E flutes.
The difference between these 4 flute types are as follows, A flute holds good buffering and certain elasticity, C flutes are inferior to A flutes, but their stiffness and impact resistance are superior to A flutes. And B flutes corrugated papers are made of a flat surface and high bearing pressure, which is suitable for printing, usually B flute is widely used for kinds of mailer boxes. Because of its thin and dense, E flutes show us their high rigid strength.

shie shipping box
shie shipping box

shie boxes for sale
shie boxes for sale

shie customized small box for sale
shie customized small box for sale

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All types of packaging boxes are often used for transportation, then why are they used in these many fields? In transit, we often have small items, they are assorted, however, when carrying them one by one, that will add special trouble for us, using these shipping boxes for sale near me, but all these small items in it, we will easily to handle them and group them as soon as possible, on the other hand, using tomato boxes also look more tidy and beautiful. In addition, we also write some signs or words to remind the shipping workers to work carefully, such as the moisture-proof, prohibit rolling, no trampling, pay attention to fire and fragile items, and other pattern or text prompt to protect your products maximum. Though it’s paper products and looks fragile, they have a strong protective ability.
As the most professional packaging manufacturers, Shie can not only offer you kinds of standard and customized pie boxes, we also provide you the other series of packaging products, like packing foam, bubble wraps, resealable bags, clear bags, and other packaging bags for sale, stretch wrap, mailing tubes, and so on. As thousands of customers’ choices, we make sure the first-class packaging products and comprehensive service for you. Want to own your free and suitable packaging suggestion? Send your information to us now!

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