Chipboard sheets for sale

Made by pressed and glued papers, differ from cardboard sheets, the chipboard sheets are sturdy and lightweight that can be used in our daily life, especially in the aspect of art and craft, as the backside of picture frames or paintings, and you can also use these 18mm chipboard sheets to make your journal or travel notes, what’s more, due to the chipboard sheets hold high durability, chipboard for sale can also be one of the elements of the sticks of dynamite, look around, I’m sure you will see them in a lot of places.
Aimed at various applications, color,s and size, chipboard sheets near me can be divided into many kinds of types, for example, the Homebase chipboard flooring sheets, which is the most famous one that can represent the highest density of 15mm chipboard sheets, put the suitable 38mm chipboard flooring sheets on the surface of your floor, them can prevent the dust and water to lead to damage to your floor, especially, we also can offer you the waterproof chipboard flooring sheets to keep your floor bright for a long time.
Besides, we also offer you the melamine chipboard sheets, grey chipboard sheets, white semi edged chipboard, plastic-coated chipboard, cricut maker chipboard, thickness chipboard, thin chipboard sheets, roofing chipboard, walnut or maple chipboard sheets, wood chipboard sheets, exterior chipboard, builder warehouse chipboard, medium weight chipboard sheet and so on, with all colors and sizes, Shie’s medium chipboard sheets will meet all your needs, what’s more, using some tools, like knife or scissors, you can also cut these plain chipboard sheets into the shape and volume you want easily and freely.

8 Unique Features of Chipboard Sheets

1.The chipboard sheets for sale are versatile, thanks to its blank slate, you can do kinds of designs and modify them.
2.All our standard chipboard sheets are acid-free, which means they’re the perfect materials for all your books, tourist brochure, and picture frame, you totally can feel easy to use it on your artistic work, such as decorative paper, embossing tools, adhesives, drawing & painting medium, bookbinding projects and so on.
3.All the materials we adopted for chipboard sheets types are recycled and biodegradable, that’s why we can tell you quite confident that Shie chipboard sheets bulk is totally eco-friendly.
4.Wide selection of 19mm chipboard sheets in Shie, no matter white, kraft, brown and black, Shie always one for you, no matter the large size or the small size, as well as medium size 5×7 chipboard sheet, you can always find your favor on Shie, thin or thickness, light or heavy, so sorts of chipboard sheets use you can choose through Shie, want to more information about custom chipboard sheets, contact us now!
5.Instead of the hollow design of cardboard, chipboard sheets wholesale are solid, which are durable and sturdy, at the same time, these thin chipboard cardboard sheets can be cut into different shapes, and even can painting on it.
6. Usually, Shie’s medium-weight chipboard sheets are 12 inches by inch, of course, according to your requirements, we also provide customized service for you. Shie’s custom chipboard sheets can be as thick as a book, just as mentioned above, the maximum density chipboard sheets products are chipboard flooring sheets with kinds of sizes, such as 30mm, 22mm, 8 by 4, and so on.
7. In general, wholesale chipboard sheets own higher performance costs than wooden and concrete, these are serviceable and cheaper than solid wood, which can save lots of budget for you.
8. These types of chipboard sheets will help us among all the aspects of our life, which are great tools for art and scrapbooking that we can use to cut out kinds of shapes or words, as the decorative of the picture frame, because these chipboard online are sturdier than paper, and denser than cardboard, kinds of chipboard sheets also can be painted and covered by paper and fabric, what’s more, these chipboard sheets completely be dressed by ink, paper, and stamp sand and also can be made for the homemade album.
At the same time, you can also use heavy-duty chipboard sheets to transport your semi-protect products, they’re sturdy and stable that can keep your painting in a safe state.

5 Usages of chipboard sheets of our customers

1. Scrapbooks and custom memory boxes, this is a really nice grade of chipboard.
2. Die out the chipboard sheets as shapes or giant letters, for mini-album of scrapbooking, mixed media, journal covers, or making boxes and wordbooks.
3.These medium-weight chipboard sheets also can be the reproduction for theater and film.
4.Or be made for custom boxes for shipping, for reproduction vintage games.
5.We can also use it in the cricut machine to cut out components for miniatures, wainscoting, furniture, and flooring.

Why buy chipboard sheets on Shie

Founded in 1989, Shie is eligible to offer all kinds of cheap chipboard sheets you want, no matter in color, size, or materials, there always have a customized service for you.
Rely on more than 30 year’s experience, Shie not only can offer you professional suggestions for kinds of thickness chipboard sheets but also design suitable order programs of the package, shipping, and budget, which ensure you receive your chipboard products in a good state on time. Usually, you can receive your package no longer than 15 days, or even 7 days, for detailed information contact us now.
Due to the support of many loyal customers from about 80 countries and regions and reliable materials supplier, Shie is confident to offer you first-class chipboard products, however with so competitive price, which can reduce many budgets for you.
For every Shie chipboard sheets package, we offer no less than 3 layers of packaging, if needed, we will add another packaging to ensure your products is in good condition.
As one of the professional and responsible chipboard sheets suppliers, Shie will offer you comprehensive and thoughtful service you, want more and detailed information? Contact us now!