Triple walled box for sale

Compared with double wall boxes and single wall boxes, triple wall boxes can afford heavier items, such as small motors, compressors, and valves.
triple wall gaylord boxes
triangle box
triple wall box supplier
Of course, similar to double wall boxes, tri-walled boxes for sale also can be divided into several kinds, they are triple wall cardboard boxes, triple wall corrugated boxes, triple wall gaylord box and so on. On the aspect of size, heavy-duty triple wall boxes are the largest, and the triple wall cardboard box is made on 5 paper layers instead of 3 paper layers and 2 flute layers of triple wall pallet boxes. Though the gaylord triple wall box is big, it doesn’t mean the triple wall gaylord container enjoys the most rigid, which can be decided by the materials of paper and flute, certainly, different materials and sizes need diverse price, want to know clear about price? Send your quote now!

cheap triple wall box
cheap triple wall box


Color: kraft/Customized
Size: 130*80*90/Customized
Thickness: 10mm
Weight: 1kg
Flute: B

Specifications of Triple Wall Box

In Shie, not only you can get your custom triple wall box with lid, but also can choose our standard triple wall boxes for sale, and receive your boxes in a short time.
Usually, our standard triple wall boxes UK are 30 inches*30 inches*30 inches (length*width*height), and these boxes near me for sale contain approximately 15.625 cubic feet, you can use them for the cylindrical, round packages, and odd-shaped products.

triple carrugated box
triple walled box


Color: kraft/Customized
Size: 130*80*90/Customized
Thickness: 10mm
Weight: 1kg
Flute: B

2. Applications
Compared with double-wall boxes, triple wall boxes own an extra 1 flute layer and 2 paper layers, they can afford heavier items, what’s more, the additional thickness provides extra protection, security, and stability during shipment, using them, you can rest assured.
3.Top Quality
Using first-class kraft and test paper, these triple wall boxes enjoy high quality, after elaborate design, our standard triple wall boxes can be assembled easily and fold together in seconds, so convenient and effective.

triple wall box near me
triple wall box near me

triple wall box price
triple wall box price

triple wall supply
triple wall boxes supply

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4.Material & Strength
In general, Shie normal triple wall boxes are made by heavy duty 1100#/ ECT-90 triple wall, C flute kraft corrugated, and can take on almost 280 lbs items.
5.Eco-friendly products
All Shie triple wall boxes are reusable and recyclable.

3 Different Types of Triple Wall Boxes

According to the different using occasion, design objective, and materials, Shie triple wall boxes mainly can be divided into 3 types, triple wall cardboard boxes, triple corrugated boxed, and gaylord triple wall boxes. As mentioned above, gaylord triple wall boxes hold the biggest weight capacity, then are triple wall cardboard boxes, triple wall corrugated boxes’ weight capacity is the smallest.
On the other hand, compared with triple wall cardboard boxes, triple wall corrugated boxes own lower budget, because the cardboard boxes use paper instead of flute in the middle, however, when considering these boxes’ cost performance, most customers will choose triple wall corrugated boxes.

Several Important Materials of Triple Wall Boxes

Usually, paperboard material is classified by unit area weight, there are mainly the following types.
K Paper: 250g/m²
A Paper: 175g/m²
B Paper: 125g/m²
7 Paper: 200g/m²
8 Paper: 260g/m²
C Paper: 127g/m²
Core Paper: Basic 100g/m²
Strengthen Core Paper: 115g/m²

kraft papers for corrugated boxes
kraft papers for triple walled boxes for sale

papers for corrugated boxes
papers for triple walled boxes 

kinds of papers for corrugated boxes
kinds of papers for triple walled boxes

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Usually, every layer of triple wall boxes Uk will contain these 4 types of papers, they are inner paper, corrugated paper, core paper, and surface paper, the tea paperboard and kraft paper are mainly for inner paper and surface paper, while we more use corrugated paper as core paper. Paper produced by different manufacturers (color handle) is also different.

How to Choose Your Suitable Triple Walled Boxes

When selecting the corrugated triple wall boxes for sale, first we should take into account is the product nature, weight, storage, and transportation conditions, as well as circulation environment, second, the triple wall box with lid should be designed under the principle of shockproof packaging, in addition, the relevant standards should be followed, and also should go through the relevant tests. Therefore, triple wall boxes’ packaging selection should pay attention to the following two points.
First, we should think about the flute types of triple wall pallet boxes. We can divide these corrugations into four categories, A, B, C, and E according to flute height, different corrugation boards hold different mechanical properties, A flute has the highest plane pressure and larger compressive strength, while B corrugations are just the opposite, and C flute’s plane, vertical, parallel pressure and buffer force are better.
And aimed at the thickness between the corrugated board, type A is the largest, type C is the second, while type E is the smallest, because the thickness of small cardboard processing is easier to bend, therefore, B – shaped corrugated paper military tri wall box is widely used on the packing box that with not high requirements of compressive strength. According to the different mechanical properties of corrugated board, A or C type is preferred for single-sided corrugated heavy duty triple wall boxes, and double-sided corrugated triple wall box manufacturers are suitable for A, B or B, C type combination, using B type corrugations in the uline triple boxes place that close to the outer surface that can play an important impact effect. Compared with type B and TYPE C in terms of printing suitability, they are both good for printing.
corrugated boxes wholesale
triple walled boxes wholesale
Second, we should take the box shape of corrugated tri wall boxes for sale into consideration. On the premise of ensuring the quality of triple-walled boxes, carton processing materials and packaging costs should be saved as far as possible. For example, with the same volume of the carton, when the length: width: height is 2:1:2, we will save the material most, while the ratio of 1:1:1 is the program with the most material consumption. Therefore, if you want to make full use of your budget, the square boxes should be avoided as far as possible, at the same time, we also should consider the product utilization of box volume and the stability of stacking during storage and pumping.

What is the direct relation between the bursting resistance and the compression resistance of the triple wall cardboard boxes?

Compression generally refers to static force, in addition to static pressure, including dynamic impact force. The former can be determined by the maximum stacking experiment, and the latter generally use a certain height of natural fall and handling process of often accidental impact and transportation turbulence degree to choose.
What is the conceptual difference between the puncture strength and the bursting resistance of triple wall cardboard boxes near me?
Wear strength of triple wall cardboard boxes for shipping refer to the maximum power that the carton can withstand against sudden impact while breaking strength means the internal resistance to local extrusion.

corrugated box supplier
triple walled box supplier

corrugated paclaging box
triple walled paclaging box

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Measurement and Design of Triple Boxes’ Size

There are many places that will use a lot of triple corrugated cardboard boxes in daily life, so how to measure and design the size of triple wall corrugated cardboard boxes?
First, we generally measure a triple wall box from the length, width, and height of these three aspects, one important point is that in addition to the length, width, and height, every triple walled box for sale also have inner and outer diameter sizes, for example, if the inner size of a triple walled box is 30*20*10, and its outer size will be 31*21*11, which means when calculating the outer dimension of triple-walled box wholesale, we need to add 1CM to the length, width, and height on the basis of inner size.

Layers Number of Corrugated Triple Boxes

The number of layers of base paper on the cross-section of corrugated board is its most important structural feature, in terms of the number of layers of corrugated paper, transport packaging is usually used in single corrugated board, double corrugated board and triple-walled corrugated board, single corrugated board of high quality triple walled box has surface paper (outside), inside paper (inside) and corrugated paper, a total of three layers, that’s why we called them triple corrugated board, among kinds of first-class triple-walled boxes, these three layers cardboard accounts for the largest proportion, mainly used for packaging lightweight products, such as commonly used food and beverage.
corrugated storage boxes
triple walled storage boxes wholesale

3 Main Materials of Triple Walled Boxes

With the development of the global packaging industry and logistics industry, the quality requirements of packaging sturdy triple-walled boxes are becoming higher, especially for the packaging boxes after long-distance transportation, due to the warpage of cardboard caused by poor printing effect, moisture absorption, and soft and adhesive caused by product damage or scrap, resulting in returns, claims and other cases from time to time. It can be seen that the quality of packaging stable triple walled box is very important for the packaging logistics industry, so what are the materials of packaging triple-walled boxes?
1. Tea paperboard
Tea board color gray, and rough, the fiber composition of some tea paperboard that mixed with the old material is less, so these parts of great triple-walled boxes for sale are of average quality. Tea board is the middle layer of corrugated paper cartons, which is soft, because the quality is not good, the price of tea paperboard is also the cheapest.
2. Cardboard paper
1. Kraft inner paper. Features: Long fiber, heavy sizing, high physical strength, and rough board.
2. Imitation kraft paper card. Features: surface hanging 15-25% wood pulp and the rest OCC; The fiber is shorter and stronger than paperboard. Paper surface level off, different degrees of sizing (water absorption 30 55g/m2), surface dyeing treatment.
3. White cardboard. Whiteface of cattle card bottom, surface bleached wood pulp, the rest for natural or dyed wood pulp.
corrugated boxes wholesale
triple walled boxes wholesale

4. Recycled paper. These papers are composed of OCC, but with the corrugated paper different surfaces for more than 11# AOCC hang surfaces and after dyeing treatment, which is generally known as C-grade box board or T paper in the market.
3.Corrugated raw board
Corrugated paper of triple-walled box bulk is a multilayer adhesive, they are composed of at least a layer of corrugated core paper sandwich and a layer of cardboard, which have high mechanical strength, and can withstand the collision and fall in the process of handling. The flutes of corrugated paper like a connected arched door, stand in a row and support each other, and then forming a triangular structure, which has great mechanical strength, and also can withstand a certain pressure from the plane, full of elasticity, these corrugated board of wholesale triple-walled boxes holds good buffering effect.
What’s more, the corrugated raw board can be made into liners or containers of various shapes and sizes according to needs, which is easier and faster than plastic cushioning materials, it is less affected by temperature, and has good shading, as well as does not deteriorate by light, which totally is your best choice for sorts of triple-walled boxes for sale.
Because the corrugated triple-walled boxes packaging has a strong protective function of the contents, and also is easy to identify, handle and unpack, as well as delicate printing, it has become one of the fastest-growing product packaging forms in recent years. No matter which sort of military triple-walled boxes you want, you will find your favor on Shie. Send your free quote to us now!

box corrugated packaging
triple walled packaging boxes for sale 


Color: kraft/Customized
Size: 130*80*90/Customized
Thickness: 10mm
Weight: 1kg
Flute: B

stock corrugated boxes
stock triple walled boxes for shipping


Color: kraft/Customized
Size: 130*80*90/Customized
Thickness: 10mm
Weight: 1kg
Flute: B


Detailed Design of Triple Walled Boxes

As we all know, besides protecting your products from damage during moving and shipping, tri-walled boxes for sale, kinds of heavy-duty triple-walled boxes are also an important channel to promote your brand and items, so how to design your satisfied triple-walled boxes? There are 3 steps you should know.
1.Custom Triple Walled Boxes’ Specifications
Only measured your boxes’ specification on the basis of the size of goods, you can get the most suitable heavy duty triple-walled boxes, no matter which specification and appearance you want, you can get on Shie.
2.Custom Intensity
There are many different levels of intensity for triple-walled boxes bulk, and under your requirement, Shie can choose excellent reduction technology, and giving you various choices of layers and sizes, such as 3 layers, 5 layers, and 7 layers.
3.Custom Materials
At the material level, you totally should do customization, whether the thick K paper or thin 3 papers, Shie will provide you the most willing.
Want to get your free wholesale triple-walled boxes design now? Send your free quote to us now!
Have no ideas which one to choose? Send us your problem now, and Shie flexible packaging customer service will offer you professional advice right away.

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